Dr. Shiva maakt korte metten met Tony Fauci MD en met de Big Pharma. Covid-19 is zeer makkelijk te genezen. Maar dat levert geen geld op. Beluister zijn interview
Dr. Shiva doesn’t hold back in examining the facts v. fiction on the threat of the Corona virus, how to really protect your health, and why he believes Dr. Fauci has not been honest about his deep state ties and his push for vaccines over other cures

“A deep and immense love – a connection to those who value truth, freedom and health, is what compelled me as a 12-year-old boy to take on a big mission. That decision is what has governed my every action. I believe I owe it to you as a visitor to this site to share the particular moment and the events that set my course, which now lead me to you, perhaps, in our collective journey forward. … ” on his website vashiva.com

Dr.SHIVA speaks about how Big Pharma perpetuates fear over health concerns instead of finding the solution. Dr.SHIVA shares Real Solutions to Real Problems we are facing now. Watch this video to Know the Truth, Be the Light and Find Your Way! Dr.SHIVA discusses how the Immune System literally functions as you body’s operating system and how to maintain it optimally. LINK NAAR WEBPAGINA